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Fernwood Sleeper

9 Photos | Updated June 7, 2011

We lifted the house and added several new footings and pony walls to support and straighten the sag created by many years of stress on the floor joists due to ill building practices. Above in the kitchen, we striped the counter tops and fake ceiling beams as well as the red brick chimney and opened a wall as an arch to the dinning room. The wood stove was replaced with a high efficient gas fireplace, and mantel. Repainted existing kitchen cabinets reduced costs we reinvested it in a granite counter top and under mount sink which tied in beautifully with the existing granite on the island. Over the island was placed a stainless steel canopy hood fan and a new gas cook top in the island adding real class and practicality to this now very functional kitchen. The dinning room sliding glass door was changed to a large double hung window system complete with new traditional looking trim which now allowed for wall space under the window for the dinning room side board. Deck access now from new double French doors off the kitchen with matching trim and an over the sink window. Perfect! A detailed tiled backsplash and under cabinet lighting finished it. The added room and light opens up this Fernwood sleeper from the backyard to the Kitchen and sitting room now prefect for morning coffee and a paper. Solid warm dark brown natural bamboo flooring through out provides a natural flow between the rooms while offering warmth and elegance. Lighting by AV Energy, mini pots in the kitchen ceiling with under cabinet fluorescents allow for great lighting over work areas and tons of ambience great for entertaining. Any way you look at it this Fernwood Sleeper is no more. Modern, Warm, Functional and budget minded make this Fernwood home a winner.

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